really, blah

Just came across loads of American TV series,

Amazing ones.

Though at the same time can't help reflecting the life here, or more precisely, the life of my own. Sad reflection is all I've got. I'm not complaining about the country's construction, in fact I really appreciate the leaders can actually make it this far, but I'm just depressed about my surrounding. It is said this is a city with so many titles like the Culture Center of the country, but why I just can't find someone to share that interest in more brainy things? I'm not talking about the scientific subjects 'cause after almost eleven years studying in that immersion method, I have to say I'm tired of them all. What I'm talking about is more like philosophy-related brainy things or pcychology-related ones. They say I'm not one very good at details though I must say most of them are too careless with daily details. They say I'm not good at communicating with other though I have to say you never taught me the essential things I need, plus I had limited sourses so how could I learn those by myself exploring? Don't you think it's the thing? That they just don't give young people enough opportunities? Youth is the most powerful group to wheel the history, but now, here, they are shelled in order to "protect them from harm". And the youth is growingmore and more unlikely to listen 'cause they always just listen to the classes and find it hard to resist when they have the chance to speak.So everyone talks, but to no listeners. Maybe that's also a reason it's so hard to find a true friend now. No one listens, so no one really know you. That really makes sense.

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